Who We Are And What We Do

DST ARCHITECTURE has aimed for excellence and diversified architectural practice that began in 2013. Craft from high-quality modern design, with the greatest care; the firm’s primary focus on community residential planning, commercial real estate facilities, Industrial, religious/education facilities, medical and government buildings. The philosophy of DST ARCHITECTURE Incorporates innovative design of quality projects base on our client's cultures, aspirations and built on time and on budget. This goal is consistently achieved through close interaction between the Architect and Owner throughout all phases of design and construction. We understand the importance of working closely with committees and administrations in the crucial planning stage of each project and promotes consistent communication utilizing a “Team” approach. We retains engineers and consultants on a project-by-project basis providing the maximum flexibility and experience for every project undertaken. WE have developed a staff of professionals which provides our clientele the opportunity of working directly with the principal, thus enhancing communication and understanding of project requirements. With our varied background and qualifications; We are capable of providing professional services ensuring a successful project for the entire “Design Team”.

A word from the Managing Director

We founded DST ARCHITECTURE with the intend to transform and to impact our mother land, by contributing to build a sustainable AFRICA. We are a team of architects, engineers, consultants, private sectors and multinational Africans institutions and beyond, engaged to empower the people and to provide the Exceptional. WE are enthusiast and understanding that the individuals live, work, clutural entretain and inhabit the eco-spaces and places we envision and design for clients. We are responsive, understanding that we are at the core of Africa growing its infrastructure in all the sectors of development and will never be alone becauseb dst architecture is present. WE are international, making remarkable spaces around Africans Nations and his Diaspora across the Globe through our collaboration network of individuals, partners, developers, and Africans Government, seeking for our expertise. DST ARCHITECTURE is one diver’s ability over a wide range of aptitude, trusting that the estimation of abilities, experiences, and learning are duplicate when shared. I am proud of DST ARCHITECTURE people and collaborators whose hard work shaped every single project to fit the vision of our wonderful clients.

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